“Every single chapter, sentence and word in a YA novel has to work incredibly hard to hold teens’ interest.”


I got to interview debut Y.A author about her recently-published novel ‘Small Spaces’ and her writing journey. Sarah had some insightful things to say and I highly recommend her novel. Check out the link below.

Small Spaces cover final




A great way to wrap up the literary year. My creative non-fiction ‘Borrowed Tongue’ was published in the Dec-Jan of The Victorian Writer. It is a bit of a dream come true moment. Big thanks to Writers Victoria.

My piece was about learning to write and excel in a second language and it reflected on the time when I was learning English. I hope it resonates with multilingual readers and writers who have also become accustomed to an overuse of English and have become a bit rusty in their native tongue.


Publication News

Great week to be a writer. I have been published in two new publications, n-SCRIBE 12 created by Darebin Council and U.K based anthology One, created by Ellipsis Zine.

A free copy of n-SCRIBE can be picked up from Darebin cafes and libraries. A copy of One can be purchased from the Ellipsis Zine website, in print or a digital copy. Ellipsis Zine will generously share their profits and pay the 57 featured writers royalties.

I have published a poem in n-SCRIBE and a short creative non-fiction in One.



Published Collage

A sunny winter day in Melbourne. Perfect for a long walk and some coffee, before a long haul of editing.

I’m convinced that editing never stops when writing a novel. I’ve picked up my manuscript after a long break and the break has really refreshed my mind and eyes and allowed me to edit mercilessly and incorporate new parts to the story.

It’s an exciting time!