Dead Cat published in n- SCRIBE


My short memoir of growing up in 90s Macedonia has been published by Darebin literary magazine n-SCRIBE. It is a pleasure to be featured with other local writers and poets. If you are in Darebin, pick up a copy from libraries or selected cafes. Below is an extract:

I put on my tartan skirt and tucked in my creased shirt. A slice of bread smothered in hot ajvar awaited me and tried not to smear it on my books. The textbooks were a new edition, printed for the new grade-one students, white-washing any lingering traces of the Communist ideology which lasted over forty years. Stories of partisan bravery, the red star and the red flag were trounced, by something new and uncertain. Yugoslavia crumbled; Macedonia had gained its fragile independence, while the other Balkan countries ravaged each other.